“The feeling that cannot find its expression in tears will cause other organs to weep.

– Henry Maudsley, 1895

We can help you to

Control your emotions

Is fear or anger trying to take over?
-making you to react instead of responding?

Avoid daily & not necessary fights

Right now it might feel like your patience is limited and different expectations from work, home or family, or even the government are causing you extra stress, even sleepless nights.

Regain your energy

How is your body looking and feeling?
You feel older, tired, not flexible? Your hobbies might be Netflix and drinking coffee/alcohol or over-eating

Explore The World

It’s time for your next level

Hey, my name is Ulpu,

I’m an ex-military group-leader (military intelligence), nurse and a fitness coach. With vast experience of working with the body-mind connections. I’m originally from Finland, living in Switzerland and married with Portuguese:)  And yes, I like challenges, especially to overcome them!

I went to military because I wanted to become the best woman leader, and really try and understand my limits and myself better, especially when under extreme pressure. During my military training I learned how important it is to take excellent care of myself and be physically and mentally prepared while at the same time leading the men who were in the same situation. Btw. Winters in Finland are long, cold and that combined with the military trainings; good luck 😉

Just like the Finnish education system, also my own teachings and trainings are based in common sense with clear goal in mind. I use holistic approach to understand and overcome different challenges and conflicts in physical, emotional and conceptual levels.

I’m here to help you to understand your situation, define your goals and reasons behind it and guide you back to your own happiness and freedom, on your own terms. Let’s figure out together what is holding you back and causing you extra pain, because you deserve to be happy!

So let’s connect and experience the lighter, younger and happier version of the next level you!

Ulpu Mäenpää-Crujo
  • Ex-military group leader
  • Nurse
  • Fitness coach
Hobbies:  sauna, hiking and winter swimming 

Frequently asked questions

You are very welcome to choose a free discovery call with me. There we can get more clarity if we are a good fit and what would be your next step.

Many times we are waiting for and expecting the other one to take responsibility of the situation and make the first move. Now You can be the one making the first move and help both of you.

I work online via zoom for private 1:1 sessions and group calls and workshops.  The 1:1 packages vary from one hour complimentary discovery calls to 1, 3 and 6month ongoing support. The frequency of the sessions is often weekly, so the right flow and momentum remains active.  

During the sessions I ask questions and you will hear your thoughts and beliefs reflected back to you. You will feel and see what is going on and how these are influencing each others. With this you gain more clarity of yourself, your situation and your goals. Together we will face what needs to be faced and feel what needs to be felt. It’s a journey of growth and self-exploration with possible challenges and amazing results towards your goal. I’m looking forward to this journey with you!

Basically during our work together we focus on balancing different areas of your life, so you feel more free and energetic. During the sessions we are combining conscious and subconscious work. This means using different tools from RTT-therapy, coaching, hypnosis, NLP, talking therapy, body work and corrective exercises from CHEK-institute (posture, breathing). I’m also applying the learnings from my military, nursing and fitness coach education and experiences. So you will be in good hands 🙂  

How does it work?

1. Let’s get to know each others

2. Together we will understand your way of thinking, your beliefs and what feelings come up as a result

3. Understand (and overcome) any blocks on the way

4. What’s the first thing to do that has the highest likelihood to getting us the results

After each session you know your next step


Our clients say

"Ulpu was able to knock down my defenses and expose the source of my self doubt. Both the session and her recording were able to move me miles beyond where years of weekly talk therapy had taken me. At times, the struggle continues but I am amazed at the progress achieved with one month with Ulpu!"
Brian USA
57 year old male
"From the discovery call and through the complete RTT session, I knew I was in very talented hands with Ulpu . Her skill as an RTT therapist is matched only by her incredible personal warmth." ​
"If Ulpu would be in tripadvicor, I would give her 5 stars. Must to experience!"
Father of a babygirl
I highly recommend RTT therapy and even more highly recommend Ulpu as a very talented practitioner. A true joy to work with!​
I highly recommend RTT therapy and even more highly recommend Ulpu as a very talented practitioner. A true joy to work with!​